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Please see and share as people need to be aware that building on Facebook is building your house on sand.  They can and do arbitrarily block/censor people at their whim.  Their anti-American and anti-Christian bias is well documented.  Please warn people that if they use the Facebook social plugin for their website or blog that everyone that gets Fbooked will be also blocked from participating on their site as well.  Facebook CANNOT be trusted!!!

Isaiah 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

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Important to be aware of:  The message preached on the Day of Pentecost in 33AD was Acts 2:38.
Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
No trinity cult is Pentecostal since they reject the Name of Jesus in water baptism, regardless of popular misconception, confusion and deception.  Trinity filth are NOT Pentecostal or Apostolic.

Also, not all claiming to be Apostolic really are Apostolic!


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End of the World Video Sermon by Pastor Steve Winter

Trinity is Antichrist Video Sermon by Pastor Steve Winter

Blame Sin Video Sermon by Pastor Steve Winter

True Salvation Video Sermon by Pastor Steve Winter

Types of Tongues Video Sermon by Pastor Steve Winter


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 Lookie here at what the false church is up to. FALSE

Some nice Book of Acts Studies by Bro. Carl Davis


This is a video series of the WinterBand "End of the World" songs.


Click here to read the letter to the editor by Bro. Steve Winter about Mormon religion Published 2-9-2011 in the Courier-Times newspaper

Regarding the Mormon religion here is a site with some research links
Trinity preacher repented and got baptized in Jesus Name

News flash 10/1/2009 Corrupt AOL "Ourstage" music site disables WinterBand music site on behalf of false-christians.
Click here for details

Click here for  News flash 2006 ABOMINATION in North Carolina 
Salisbury "UPC" has Super bowl service

Before you whine about oh how negative some of this is, stop and consider if it is TRUE or NOT!

There is a devilish spiritual sewer called "Apostolic Friends Forum" where a devil/witch quickly censored me for publishing truth there.  It is disgusting some of the filth that are passing themselves off as "Apostolic" in this hour.  Pray with me that God would bring that sewer down.

Speaking of that, there are some lukewarm, infidel reprobate trash running a site called "Everyone's Apostolic" who won't allow the truth there but like to play "Apostolic".  Join with me in prayer that the Lord would reward those reprobate filth according to their works who are running that site.  Pray that God would bring those devils DOWN! Warn any real Apostolics about what a lukewarm, reprobate sewer it is.


Beware reprobate filth who claim to be Apostolic while they support women preachers and other sin that the Apostles taught against.
The reprobates running the spiritual sewers "My Apostolic Network on Ning" and the associated "Apostolic Live video site" deserve your deepest contempt.  Don't be deceived because they happen to have some good Oneness videos.

These reprobate filth deleted the truth about their filthy women preachers who might as well be practicing witchcraft due to their rebellion against the Word of God.  Those devils who support these witches are no more Apostolic than the pope.
Join with me in prayer that the Lord would reward these reprobate rebels according to their works and bring those reprobate sites down.  The deceivers running those sites deserve our deepest contempt because they are pretending to be "Apostolic" but reject the Word of God, preferring their "measure themselves by themselves" wicked traditions.

Bro. Steve Winter

I would appreciate your help here.  I am trying to locate a man so that I can talk with him.  I am trying to find any man who left the UPC or FPC because of the sin and open Bible defiance there who was not lied about after he left.

I have decided to obey 1 Timothy 5:20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. literally by naming some of the viler devils and false brethren I encounter.  I am using our message board.  Here is the link to the thread.
You need not be a member to read it.  Join with us in prayer!  Sadly, some of these named devilish filth claim to be UPCI!


News Flash Febuary 2009
The false-christian scum running the "Tangle" (formerly GodTube) video service have cancelled the WinterBand account for daring to complain about their censorship of the "Don't Diss Mohammed" music video. They want to play "christian" while catering to Islam.  They have lied and accused us of violating there terms of service for daring to complain about their censorship.  They changed their name from "GodTube" to "Tangle" which I suppose is good that they are being honest as they are a tangle of false-doctrine and deception.  "What a tangled web they weave....".  To view the video that they censored to coddle Islam click here:

Isn't it something how the devil just plays with false-christians as he does?  They of their own free will changed their name from "GodTube" to "Tangle".  What bumbing false-christian filth!

1 Timothy 5:20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.

Galatians 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

2 Corinthians 11:12 But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we.
The TRUTH is THE TRUTH and a LIE is A LIE!!
Click here for a short video sermon that will explain why many so called "Apostolic" Churches would not let Jesus Christ Himself onto their platforms to teach.

If a man is preaching that it is somehow sinful or unholy for a man to have a beard, then that preacher is a LIAR and needs to repent of his LYING!  If your preacher is a LIAR then you need to take care for your soul.  In the Bible most all men had beards and in some cases it was an act of WAR to cut off a man's beard to disgrace him.  It is a disgrace when men teach their traditions and whim as if it were Bible doctrine and make liars of themselves.
When false-christian trinitarian polytheists admit that they don't worship Jesus Only, it is not hard to tell exactly who those devils are worshiping (since they openly reject Jesus). 
What I must wonder, though, is since they reject Jesus why do they even bother "playing christian"?

It is a sin for women to speak out and address the congregation during a worship service and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, but it is also the same for any preacher who calls on women to speak during formal worship services.  Here is a link to a WinterBand song about the sin of women speaking in Church. It is entitled Shame Shame Shame
Would you follow a preacher that was practicing witchcraft? See 1 Samuel 15:23

Pray with us that the Lord would raise up "Samuel"s to replace the pompous, pride engorged "Eli"s in so many Oneness Churches in this hour and not just allow more baby "Eli"s that simply carry on ungodly traditions!

I am disappointed that corrupt incompetent employees at Amazon including one "Mike M" are allowing obsessed false-christian stalkers including Stephen Adams (who has published malicious libel about me for years) and Carl Mccaskey (AKA Beukeboom, a blasphemer of the Holy Ghost against whom I have filed numerous criminal complaints for harassment and stalking see and anonymous users to abuse Amazon policy and vandalize the reviews of my book. Please consider the source when reading what these hardened, obsessed, truth hating, polytheistic, Satanic,  false-christian filth are saying.  While I am glad to see that the devil is mad, I felt to address this matter.
There is an alternative link if you want my book,  but you have to pay shipping.

Jump to my published "letters to the editor" of newspapers.

We believe in Oneness Apostolic Pentecostal or Oneness Pentecostal, Jesus Name, Acts 2:38 Salvation and Biblical Holiness first preached at Pentecost. We are Oneness Christian teaching the Oneness Apostolic Pentecostal  Jesus Name Holiness message from the Bible. We teach that Acts 2:38 is the method of spiritual rebirth as preached and practiced by the Apostles. We believe in strictly monotheism. We believe that trinitarianism is polytheism evidenced by their rejection of Jesus Name water baptism. Be Rapture ready so you don't get left behind with the false church..
If you are in the Roxboro, NC area and are looking for an Apostolic Christian Pentecostal Church that sticks with the Bible and doesn't observe heathen holidays and sinful traditions, and teaches the scriptural roles of men and women (so as not to have the congregation smitten by numerous divorces and lost children) we would like to hear from you (see email link below) as we are in process of growing a holy Church to be ready for the Rapture. We are Apostolic Oneness Pentecostal Christians teaching Pentecostal Christianity, the Lord Jesus Christ as God our Saviour, Jehovah Saviour..  Jesus is Lord of the Holy Bible and Jesus Only, John 3:5, John 3:16, Acts 2:38. Teaching Jesus is God Biblical Christianity supporting the Apostolic Ministry. We are not affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church also known as UPC or UPCI though we acknowledge that there are many brethren who attend UPCI Churches and their assembly.  We believe that trinity is polytheism and is not true Christianity.

If you believe that we need some Samuels instead of more pride engorged baby Eli's.

An Apostolic Pentecostal Christian Ministry of the Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Church Inc. (JNAHC) Preaching the Holiness Apostolic Christian, Apostolic Faith, Biblical Christianity, Oneness Pentecostal Message, Jesus Christ Oneness Christianity, Christ Jesus Christian Salvation until the Pre Tribulation Rapture of the Church. Preaching  from the Holy Bible.  Teaching Biblical Christianity for the Apostolic Ministry.  Not affiliated with trinity polytheism or the UPC UPCI United Pentecostal. 

Often polytheistic false-christians will refer to the true Apostolic Pentecostal  Church as "Jesus Only" and they consider that an insult.  If someone is not worshipping "Jesus Only" then who are they worshipping, eh?
Letter to the editor by Bro. Steve Winter       Letter to Editor Herald Sun



darksideofcorruption.html This is my Sept  2005 letter to the editor Published in the Durham Herald-Sun on 09/07/2005 regarding the dangers of corruption in local government that led to the unnecessary harm in New Orleans.

democratsiniraqletter.html This is my Oct 2002 letter to the editor Published in the Durham Herald-Sun on 10/07/2002 regarding congressional Democrats giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States

paulvs.html This is my June 2000 letter to the editor Published in the Durham Herald-Sun on 6/03/2000 regarding Paul's epistles

castro.htm This is my April 2000 letter to the editor Published in the Durham Herald-Sun on 4/28/2000 regarding the raid in Miami

clinton.htm This is my June1999 letter to the editor Published in the Durham Herald-Sun on 6/13/99 regarding our president being a living monument to the moral deterioration that is leading to school shootings and his trading of our nuclear secrets for campaign contributions.

kidgun2.htm This is my May1999 letter to the editor Published in the Durham Herald-Sun on 5/3/99 regarding why children are killing.

kidgun1.htm This is  my July 1998 letter to the editor Published in the Durham Herald-Sun on 7/18/98 regarding children killing.

Will you wait until your maker calls to try to make your peace?
Will you wait until each breath is hard before you stop and think?
Will you wait until your time is up before you look around
and see the life you've always lived was pointing you straight down?

Why hope the hand of death for you will somehow make exception
and give just you some extra time to try to find redemption?

Now is the time the Good Book says for you to find salvation,
not down the road some time afar when you'll choose the situation.

When the hand of death cuts short each breath and you find you're not
your own; is not the time to seek the God whose blood for you was strewn.

Now is the time the Good Book says for you to find salvation,
not down the road some time afar when you'll choose the situation.

When your years are spent from godlessness and seeking earthly treasure
can you be so sure that God will grant extra moments for your pleasure?

Now is the time the Good Book says for you to find salvation,
not down the road some time afar when you'll choose the situation.

Will you wait till death's cold hand is closing round your throat, to stop
to weigh the life you've lived and the downward path you chose.

Now is the time the Good Book says for you to find salvation,
not down the road some time afar when you'll choose the situation.

Bro Steve Winter (c) 2004


Regarding the leaven of the UPC....  Well well well....

Licensing women to preach was not enough...
Licensing divorced and remarried men to preach was not enough...
Having to agree not to contend for the faith was not enough...
Going a whoring after the world with every heathen holiday wasn't enough...
Total disregard of the commandments regarding women not speaking in Church was not enough...
Having one of their top leaders caught doing Sodomy in a park wasn't enough...
General let down on the old paths of holiness wasn't enough...

But apparently the UPCI leadership embracing television WAS enough for some old
timers to leave the United Pentecostal Church International. 

But will they keep their other sins like the Protestants kept the trinity?

Bro. Steve Winter


The religious and political censorship and harassment by Facebook is continuing and getting worse.
Click here for for documentation. Please share this link far and wide.


Litigation information! Fighting censorship and illegal obscenity Click here!
(Note this is old historical stuff from the 1990's and most of it is moot.  It now includes the letter from Senator Helms to Steve Winter regarding reporting of illegal underage graphics publishers.) It does have documentation of one obsessed false-christian deceiver Stephen Adams actually trying to protect illegal publishers, though.



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