First follow-up letter to NC Attorney General.

(Names removed out of courtesy)


Update regarding my Formal Complaint against AT&T


I just received an unsolicited call on my business line by one XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX of the Outbount AT&T dept. offering me service officially representing AT&T and AT&T Worldnet.

He affirmed that he was offering me a total communications package that included free five hours of full internet access with AT&T Worldnet, up to 25 corporate calling cards, discount long distance service, 800 long distance service in one combined package that would be billed on one bill.

He offered me a free 5 hours of unlimited access to the Internet or $19.95 for unlimited time and unlimited access. He said that I would have unlimited amount of use of any part of the Internet.

I would have unlimited world wide web and full internet usenet access according to Mr. XXXXXXXXX as well as IRC, and other internet services.

Mr. XXXXXXXXX affirmed that the free 5 hours of AT&T Worldnet unlimited internet access is being offered as an incentive to get me to switch my long distance service to AT&T and is a combined service with my long distance service.

Mr. XXXXXXXXX affirmed that the access to Worldnet being offered to me is a full internet access and not a restricted internet service.

Steve Winter (seal) 8/13/96

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