Formal Complaint to NC Dept of Justice against GTE

4-25-97 North Carolina Dept. of Justice
P.O. Box 629
Raleigh, NC 27602-0629

Attn: ***********

Formal complaint against GTE

I wish to file a formal complaint against GTE for their canceling of my Internet account "stevwint" in their GTE.NET internet service.

I believe this to be a result of an organized campaign of my enemies and theological opponents. I allege that individuals at GTE did cooperate with, conspire with, and encourage a campaign of frivolous fallacious complaints against me.

I allege that GTE singled me out and discriminated against me by canceling my account for no valid reason.

My internet account at GTE was billed on my GTE telephone bill as a part of their service.

At no time did I sign any agreement with GTE regarding usenet, nor was I ever requested to enter into any such agreement.

GTE's action against me is malicious discrimination by a public utility.

I believe that they have also violated one or more of my civil rights.

Given the importance of internet access in today's world, that a utility must be accountable for their actions against individuals, especially in regards to services that they bill as a part of their telephone service.


Steve Winter (seal)

cc: Atty

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