The following letter was mailed to Senator Jesse Helms office along with the referenced documents.

11-28-97 Dear ******
Senator Jesse Helms Office
403 Dirksen
Washington, DC 20510

Dear ******

RE: Internet publishing of child pornography, malicious discrimination, possible racketeering by GTE.NET etc.

I have sent your office several letters regarding ISPs (Internet Service Providers) publishing hard core child pornography on USENET Newsgroups (groups that are clearly labeled to be for the sole purpose of publishing same and contain full color graphic photos of sexual intercourse between very young children and adults). In particular I wrote you regarding GTE.NET where anyone can pay an extra $19.95 billed on their phone bill and have Internet access that includes access to child pornography from GTE.NET's local servers (the material is stored and published from local GTE.NET computers).

Since GTE.NET administrators maliciously canceled my personal GTE.NET internet access account on behalf of my theological opponents because of my expressing unpopular opinions on USENET, they can hardly claim that they do not regulate USENET as a defense regarding their illegal pornography publishing.

I have heard from your office, but it appears that nothing has been done by the Justice Dept. regarding this publishing.

It appears that GTE.NET is taking malicious retaliatory action against me due to my contacting your office and my publishing their activities on the World Wide Web at my web site at

This egregious activity includes GTE.NET attempting to have my current internet site closed down by attempting to intimidate, and overwhelm my current Internet Service Provider. This is being done, in part, by GTE.NET deliberately entertaining obviously groundless and fallacious complaints sent to them by my known enemies, theological opponents and at least one attorney that I believe is malicious and corrupt.

I enclose a packet of documents that was sent to my service provider as "evidence" to support the mounting pressure on him to terminate my service for my domain. The first notable thing about this so called "supporting evidence" is the total lack of any. The second notable thing is that at first glance (which is generally all that busy ISP people have) it would appear to have some substance from sheer size of the document. There is absolutely nothing in the package of any substance whatsoever and several items for "padding" that don't even make reference to my site. It also even includes much proof of malicious efforts to harass and censor me!

The amazing thing is that such fluff could make it so far along in GTE.NET, but I believe that is proof of a hidden agenda by GTE.NET.

I believe that GTE.NET is undertaking a malicious campaign (including the entertaining of obviously fallacious complaints by my known enemies) to try to censor me and retaliate against me for reporting them for their illegal pornography publishing and my publishing related correspondence on my WWW site (My web site even includes malicious and libelous public postings about me by one of their administrators who was involved in the canceling of my personal GTE.NET account)

This attached material was sent overnight to my current Internet Service Provider to support strong verbal and email demands that he terminate my service for my domain I believe that GTE.NET and others involved have broken several laws here including laws regarding civil rights, harassment and possibly even racketeering and intimidation.

I deeply appreciate your previous involvement and attention to these matters.

I formally request that your office again contact the Justice Department. and investigate these matters.


Rev. Steve Winter (seal)

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