By Rev. Lewis E. and Sis Treva Mae Manuwal

Rev. Lewis E. and Sis. Treva Mae Manual



·        Born July 17, 1922 and lived at 628 Lawrence Avenue, Mishawaka, Indiana, until marriage.

·        Graduated from Mishawaka High School, Mishawaka, Indiana,1940.



·        Born Dec.14, 1918  in Oswego, Illinois; moved to Indiana at age two; lived in several places in Mishawaka, Indiana, and South Bend, Indiana. Went to be with Jesus Sept 21, 2004

·        Graduated from Mishawaka High School, Mishawaka, Indiana, 1938.

·        Received a track scholarship and attended Pittsburgh University for 2-1/2 years where he was training for the Olympics when he felt the call to the ministry.


Lewis & Treva

·        Met in high school.

·        Married November 1, 1940, in Rev. G. B. Rowe’s home.

·        Wedding attendants:  Worthy & Marjorie Rowe

·        No family attended wedding; went directly to young people’s meeting.  Afterward some friends tied cans on their car – the full extent of their celebration!

·        Worked a year in South Bend, Indiana.

·        1941-42 moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, where Lewis attended Apostolic Bible Institute for one year.  Treva worked in a sewing factory.

·        Returned to Mishawaka, Indiana. Lewis worked at Studebaker’s.

·        Sharon Lee was born May 19, 1943. Here, they rented their first home.

·        Evangelized for five years with one child from coast to coast.

·        In 1948 lived in Mishawaka, Indiana. Lewis sold real estate.

·        Suzanne Hope born April 13, 1948.

·        In fall of 1948, Lewis felt call to Sunbury, Pennsylvania, to have house meetings with a handful of people. God blessed, built a new church building and in five years had a record attendance of 526.

·        Becky Lou born in 1950 in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

·        Nannette Jo born in 1952 in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

·        In 1954 felt call to be missionaries in Oahu, Hawaii, where they pastored for two years; church grew to record attendance of 126.

·        1n 1956 returned to Pennsylvania and started a church in West Milton, Pennsylvania; stayed three years.

·        Vicki Ann born in 1958 in Allenwood, Pennsylvania.

·        In 1960 moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to pioneer a new church; built a new building; reached record attendance of 100.

·        1963-1964 evangelized for two years throughout the United States and Canada.

·        In 1965,went to Racine, Wisconsin; pastored there until 1970; built new building; church thrived, reaching a record attendance of 676.

·        1970 to 1978 – evangelized a few years; then lived in Phoenix, Arizona, traveling out of there until Treva was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1976 (surgery, chemotherapy) and stayed there until she recuperated.

·        1978 to 1979, left Phoenix to return to the evangelistic field; however, Lewis became ill with a pituitary tumor, underwent surgery and then settled in McComb, Mississippi, for a year to recover.

·        1980-1983, took over pastorate of church in Hampton, Virginia; built new church building; record attendance of 125.

·        1984-1986 evangelized, then pastored in Mishawaka, Indiana; built new church; record attendance 125.

·        1987-1988 evangelized throughout United States and Canada, then took an interim pastorate position in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

·        1989-1990 pastored in Milton, Pennsylvania.

·        1991-1994 moved to Grand Junction, Colorado, assisting in son-in-law's church and evangelizing out of there.

·        1995-1996 evangelized across the country.

·        Retired in Richmond, Virginia, in 1997.

·        TOTALED 54 YEARS OF MINISTRY from 1943 to 1997

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