Promise Keepers Cult Caught Lying

Here is an excerpt from the Herald-Sun Durham NC Sat Aug 2, 1997 regarding the Promise Keepers cult.

When I speak of the sewers of false christianity, I am not exaggerating. Let me mention that the Promise Keepers cultists are some of the more malicious and deceptive that I have ever encountered on the net. They had net trash from censoring articles from the public when they were being exposed as fakes. They then organized campaigns of harassing email and campaigns of dishonest and frivolous complaints to my service providers. Let's see them now try to silence the Associated Press, eh?

Resulting and related legal complaints and etc are available at and

The Herald-Sun Durham NC Sat Aug 2, 1997

Headline: Despite denials, founder McCartney paid


Associated Press
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- The founder
of the Christian men's group Promise
Keepers gets paid for speaking at its
rallies, despite the organization's
claims to the contrary.

*** End of quote. *** Let me state that there is nothing wrong with a preacher being paid, but the issue here is that they are a bunch of liars and deceivers.

Steve Winter

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