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Author Topic: Cutting hair is Ok in UPCI  (Read 3233 times)

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Cutting hair is Ok in UPCI
« on: July 14, 2013, 09:51:07 AM »
We all know there is NO perfect church. But some things like the A/C was not good, songs I didn't like, he preached to long, ect are not bible issues. BUT cutting women's hair is. I visited a south centeral Wyoming UPC church, and was surprised to find out the assistant pastor who teaches Sunday mornings own and runs a Hair solon in town and cuts women's hair every week. ( he gave us a card and said, you need a hair cut brother).
This guy owns and operates a HAir Solon, not a barber shop.
The pastor is blind and handy capped so, he can see everything . But he is the state upci presbyter. I called Hazelwood head quarters about this. The Lady who answered the phone, I explained to her, what the deal was that a man who cuts womens hair for a living is also teaching every sunday morning. This is the answer I received from Hazelwood UPCI head quarters.
He has to make a living, and if he is only cutting sinners hair it is OK. I was shocked, and told her, DID YOU HEAR WHAT YOU JUST SAID!.
The answer she gave me was like it was from a pizzia hut employee, not UPCI lady who mans the phones for UPCI world wide head quarters.
I ask her, then is it ok to sell beer, drugs to sinners to make a living then. Then I ask to talk to Bro benards Secretary . After the she told here situation she declined to talk to me. and told me to talk to state
presbyter. The problem was with the state  presbyter. This thing is like the Obama transparent administration.

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Re: Cutting hair is Ok in UPCI
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2013, 04:02:29 PM »
There are many reasons that the UPCI has become such a lukewarm spiritual sewer.  It is sad.

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